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Exploring the Enigmatic Paradise Syndicate

What is it and might you be part of it?

Aloha EveryOne,

By now you might have asked yourself: What exactly is the Paradise Syndicate? Is it just an uncommon name? Catchy Marketing? Why is this relevant?

A Thought Experiment:

Imagine a hypothetical case where an international Crime Syndicate covertly rules the world, abusing societies and the planet, manipulating financial markets, political systems, media, products, education, and health systems for their benefit and to the detriment of humans, sentient beings and the planet at large.

QUESTION: What would be the exact opposite of that?

I argue it is an international Paradise Syndicate overtly liberating and empowering societies and the planet, establishing net positive financial markets, political systems, media, products, education, and health systems to benefit all humans, sentient beings, and the planet.

Now we may or may not live in a world ruled by a Crime Syndicate, but regardless we will benefit majorly from pursuing Paradise.

First, let's define the words we use:

Paradise: An ideal place and state of being where everything is as good as it could be.

We're talking about "the ideal" or "best possible" scenario. This has nothing to do with religion or dogma. We propose that Paradise (the ideal state of the world) is the sum total of all "individual ideals" perceived by all sentient beings. Paradise is governed by "forces of nature" such as Love, Truth, Joy, and Net Positivity.

Syndicate: An association - formal or informal - of individuals, companies, and organizations with a shared goal/vision.

A Syndicate is essentially a formal or informal group of beings with the same goal. There are syndicates of all kinds: worker unions, investment syndicates, and even crime syndicates. A syndicate can be good or bad, depending on the pursued goal. Uniquely, a syndicate exists even if nobody calls it a syndicate. Imagine going for Italian food with your 4 co-workers; you're part of a temporary Pizza Syndicate.

You can be part of a Syndicate without knowing it! Since you're reading this, there's a big chance you're in fact part of the Paradise Syndicate, you just didn’t know it yet.

Wait, What?

Have you been working towards creating your personal ideal life? Have you been doing your best to be a net benefactor to your family, friends, society and the planet? Are you attracted to creating the best possible for all vs. a few taking advantage of the many? Would you rather live in Utopia than in Dystopia?

Yes, to all of that, but how does that make me part of the Paradise Syndicate?

Life is a choice between Love and Fear. Many are waking up to the truth that we are authors of our own reality. Indeed, underlying the superficial reasons why we do things, we are driven - maybe unconsciously - by pursuing our ideal life. Sometimes with varying success, but the intention is the same: We want Paradise.

Another Thought Experiment:

Assume you are part (formally or informally) of the group of people who choose Paradise over Dystopia. What would be the best thing to do? Since you all want "the same thing," it would be wise to pursue getting there individually and collectively.

What can you do individually? Create the best possible life for yourself by being the best possible version of yourself. Create inner peace, joy, health, vitality, financial, and time abundance in net beneficial ways (net positive). Do this by going within, evolving, and improving yourself.

What can we do collectively? We can create greater impact by joining forces with other empowered beings. Collectively we have incredible power. As we syndicate, we gain access to greater resources, we benefit from better opportunities, greater wisdom, more love, faster learning and a strong sense of hope and joy. With these we can affect the world in larger ways. We can locally establish "Mini Paradises" by coming together with others who share our intentions (Net Positive Village). We can invest our money, time and energy in support of initiatives that are "Paradise creating" (net positive) for our own and the world's benefit. Thus actively supporting the creation of the World we want to live in.

You Want Paradise?

You create what you focus on. So, focus on creating Paradise. In fact choosing to propagate Paradise (the ideal) IS the best thing to do. By simple logic, the best thing to do is to pursue the ideal.

Furthermore, I argue that in a world headed towards dystopia, Utopia is the antidote. If you're too cold, you add warmth. If you have too much dystopia, you add utopia. How to do this in the best possible way (for you and the collective), is for all of us to decide.

What is the Way to Get There?

This might not all fit in this blog post, but we've already started explaining one major derivative (and guiding principle) of Paradise: Net Positivity. Anything inherently net positive contributes to the "improvement" of the state and hence gets us closer to the ideal. We can apply Net Positivity in nearly infinite ways, individually and collectively. We will explore many of these as time goes on.

What's the Next Step?

The most helpful thing you can do right now, is to join Forward this article to as many fellow "Paradisians" you know.

Let's all come together.Let’s get to know each other.Let's grow Paradise.


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