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Coaching & Counseling:

The vast majority of us aren't even consciously aware of what we're capable of.

If some of us knew that we have the power to manifest, imagine the amount of confidence we'd have!

Through conscious coaching, we shift our mindset from feelings of scarcity to abundance, instability to peace, and fear to love by working through the unhealed parts of our subconscious minds which limit us from expanding our wealth, expressing our truth, and focusing on our own journey

And, we deserve to enjoy living. Since the lessons we learn from our past come with new, profound wisdom about ourselves, and this new understanding of ourselves makes living worth our own personal growth. 

Life's gift to us is the present, and we are always changing - hopefully for the better, right? We can choose to get better or worse. Why not opt for better. (We could also opt to stay the same, but that sounds pretty boring.)


With coaching, my intent is that you mentally break free from fear-based influences driven by a collective external narrative which intentionally promotes imbalance and division. I am here to assist you to build strength between yourself and your intuition which guides you in your own, unique calling. 

You have an individualized soul purpose, after all. You're reading this, are you not?


Personal Background & Journey:

With a thirst for knowledge and wisdom through studying ethics, philosophy, quantum physics and other similar sciences, I naturally began to follow the spiritual bread crumbs which leaves me here in this present day - aspiring to guide people through their own journeys - as others have done, and still do, for me.

I was raised in Sacramento, California and moved to Washington after college, having committed to four years of active duty service in the army. During this time (oddly enough), I had been exploring deeply various areas of spirituality and eventually discovered my own sense of purpose, taking action to begin this new chapter and journey - regardless of others' opinions of "logic" and "rationality".


If my heart wasn't in it, chances are things would not even work out well in my favor - as if taking other's opinions helped me sabotage my own joy and success.

It didn't feel great when I felt like I was constantly 

   scrambling just to catch up, 

   struggling to maintain / regain control of life,

   fighting to defend my own personal power,

all the while having to

   rebuild my confidence and

   express myself authentically

in a materially-driven, ego-based culture which supports polarity among groups and pressures us to conform to widespread, marketed narratives and group-think.

Following my own intuition has led me to quite a number of miraculous "coincidences" - which are signs and synchronicities confirming our trust in the realms of consciousness. It's all interconnected. Our mind aligns with the physical realm

Seeking for higher education, motivational inspiration, and human connection, I consulted a mentor and therapist. Since then, I have been able to tap into the realms of consciousness through my own internal work. With my own eyes, I began to watch my physical, external realm shift as I grew in conscious awareness.

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It was an impactful work in process, as you might have heard the term "Dark Knight of the Soul", or read about the metaphor of the 40 days in the desert.

Who knows? Maybe if I had contacted someone earlier, I wouldn't have struggled so much in this dark knight of the soul journey on my own. Looking back now, I understand that I was meant to experience some of the most intense parts of this process individually. It provided me with a sharp, resourceful toolbelt! More importantly, it taught me that I am directly responsible for the trajectory of my life. Now, I have made coaching my duty to help others embody themselves truthfully and live their calling. People help people help people.


Mentorship is Necessary for Growth. As we can can unknowingly send energies to others, we also look for clarity regarding the direction of our paths. Seeking a mentor is key; we simply can't figure this life out on our own. Humans work better when we connect. (We get more done that way.) Also, we create from our true expression when we feel inspired. Who would we be, truly, without the people who inspire us in our lives?

We also can forget that many other people share very similar experiences to us.

It feels isolating when we don't think that anyone relates to us.

That doesn't help us heal. So what does?

I'd say: meeting people whom we can trust. There are some things we can't explain with just knowledge. Sometimes, a feeling is the only fact we need - our intuition. Have you ever met someone and instantly you can trust this person just by an initial gut instinct? While other external energies may try to convince us to deceive ourselves, our intuition can't lie to us - it's not designed like that. Our intuition ALWAYS rings true. I don't like using "absolutes", but this one is...absolute (for lack of better words). Our intuition calls us to choose and follow our own, unique, individualized purpose, even when the future is unclear.


It is my purpose to hold space for you as you open up to heal - in our shared understanding, free of counterproductive judgment and unhealthy ego-boosting.

We are not meant to sabotage other people in their vulnerability nor knowingly keep them under false illusions. We help each other grow. Win-win (win).


How can trust be built without vulnerability? How can we love without trust?

In an infinite world of possibilities, anything is possible with trust.

We find, through the healing process, that love is infinitely abundant.

Overtime, you will learn to love yourself more and more wholesomely, free from the fears you've learned from unhealthy influences of your past's old, systemic beliefs - which you may have adopted and identified as your own from others' own projections, unhealed traumas, and self-limitations. When we learn to love ourselves by removing these unhealthy distortions, we then can become connected with everything around us - with clear lens! This is what truly makes life enjoyable, the interconnectedness of all of us - interacting with ourselves with a unified love of, and gratitude for, the shared experience. We love to live to learn about ourselves - a healthy "self-centeredness".

I am grateful for the beautiful connections which come out of helping others heal and grow into love with themselves.

My Story

“We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.”

Mary Dunbar

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