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What is Net Positivity?

The Paradigm That Will Change Your Life

What is Net Positivity?

STOP! If you've already made up your mind about what Net Positivity is, just stop. Breathe for a second. I've seen this time and time again where people say, "Oh yeah, I know what that is. It's like this sustainable thing, we've been doing for 30 years." It is not.

Give yourself the gift of curiosity, the gift of discovery.

Discovering the true power of Net Positivity is akin to a sacred revelation. If you manage to see it, it's a pivotal moment in your life. A defining moment from which you will see new potential all around you. It is truly amazing.

Let us preface this with an analogy:

Let's imagine we are all fish in the ocean. One day - after an incredible eureka moment - you swim to your fish friends and say, "Guys! Guys! I made this most amazing discovery! The other day I was chasing this thing, and all of a sudden, I broke through the ceiling! I was in a different place! I was not able to breathe; it was like the entire world felt different. And I am telling you, THIS IS WATER. WE ARE SWIMMING IN WATER! And then there is a place that is NOT WATER. IT IS AIR. And it works entirely differently from how water works. I even saw this LAND in the background. I don't even know what THAT IS. But we are totally swimming in water. I am sure of it."

And your fish friends are going to look at you like you are mad and say, "What are you talking about? Water? There is no such thing! This is all there is!" since they have never experienced AIR. And then - if they are open-minded - they’ll hopefully follow you to the ceiling and let see for themselves.

This is how it feels to have seen a vision of Net Positive Humanity.

Let's start with what Net Positivity is NOT.

It's not just a new word or a new label for sustainability. It's not a fad; it's not hype. It is not just a slight iteration of net zero. It is a new way we address our personal, social, economic, and environmental challenges on this planet.

First off, we have to realize there are only 3 types of net impact we can have in this world: Negative, Zero, or Positive. There is nothing else.

Net Negative Impact

We are living in a Net Negative Society. So much so that we DON'T EVEN CALL IT THAT. We just assume that destroying the planet is the 'price of our existence'; there is no other way. We don't consider the impact of most anything we do. We are just not very conscious of the consequences of our actions. It is this ignorance that enables wars, genocide, mass manipulation, political division, and many more atrocities to happen. This is the paradigm most of the world still lives in, but gladly, it is shifting at an accelerated pace.

Net Zero Impact

Net Zero is really a hypothetical case because everything we do causes either a positive or negative impact. Net Zero Impact is a theoretical point. It is the brief moment where positive and negative forces are canceling each other out perfectly. However, you simply cannot have Zero Impact long term, because either the Negative or Positive Momentum will take over. Even if you were an ascetic monk meditating in a cave, you still interact with this world. Net Zero is an illusion. To strive for Net Zero Impact is part of the entire Sustainability Scam we discussed in the previous post.

Net Positive Impact

Net Positive Impact is first and foremost a CHOICE. It is a choice to CARE about the consequences of our actions and to do something about it in the best, most efficient way possible. It is the choice to do good. Net Positive Impact happens when we improve something (make it better than it was before). Net Positive Impact does not discriminate. It does not care where the damage came from; it just cares about making things better. It seeks to improve all things for all involved. This is a hallmark of an advanced, enlightened society. This paradigm is what a strongly growing number of advanced souls have come here for. This is what unites us. As you read this, there is a good chance you are part of this movement.

As soon as the positive impact generated, outweighs the negative, we have reached Net Positivity.

Where to go from here

There are many Design Principles that make up Net Positivity. I will be shedding more light on those in future posts. There are many technical ways to achieve Net Positivity, but at its CORE, Net Positivity is not technical. It's not an ivory tower theory. It does not require billions and billions of investment. It doesn't require new technologies. It does not require years of development; we can do this NOW. It is practical. We already have all we need in order to implement Net Positivity. It is about achieving the desired result in the most straightforward, prosperous, and impactful way.

I will share more information on exactly how this is done and give hopefully abundantly clear examples.

For now, I just want you to be open-minded. Open-minded to follow me to the "ceiling" and find out for yourself. Let us redefine what it means to live as a human on this planet.

Much Love and Many Blessings,


Please Join if you wish to unite with other evolved beings working towards the Net Positive Future for Humanity.

If you have not already, read about why sustainability is a scam.

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