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Pandemic Coincidences - or Clues?

Impending Doom with Telecom Booms

Isn’t this peculiar?

Over the last three hundred years worldwide, the greatest health scares have correlated with the biggest telecommunication advancements.

Multiple coincidences? Or, impounding evidence?

Before you move into a 15-minute city, let’s look at what it may do to your health.

Correlation: Neurasthenia Pandemic / 700k-Mile Spiderweb of Telegraph Lines (1875):

The world-wide-spread installation of telegraph lines stretched a total of seven hundred thousand miles by 1875. Simultaneously, a new disease called neurasthenia - often resembling the common cold or influenza - traveled across the routes of these telegraph lines and railroads, seizing people in the prime of their lives (2). Common symptoms of neurasthenia were headaches, tinnitus, exhaustion, racing pulse, dizziness, cardiovascular pain, heart palpitations, and depression, with some undergoing panic attacks.

According to the National Library of Medicine, neurasthenia “accounted for 6-11% of total discharges” for roughly three decades until it lost news coverage by the 1930s (4). Neurasthenia proved to affect both upper and lower working classes as well as genders, despite men accounting for 33-50% of cases due to a predominantly male, international workforce.

“Neurologists, not psychiatrists, continued to see the disorder well into the 20th century. Neurasthenia did not disappear, but was reclassified into psychological diagnoses” (4).

Correlation: Influenza Pandemic / Modern Electrical Era (1889):

According to American journalist and scientist Arthur Firstenburg, by the late 1800s influenza had “struck explosively and unpredictably, over and over in waves until early 1894. It was as if something fundamental had changed in the atmosphere” (3).

Dedicated to the study of electromagnetic radiation and health, Firstenburg is commonly recognized for his 2016 book The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life which has now sold more than 100,000 copies (3).

Correlation: Spanish Flu Pandemic / World War I Antennas (1918):

It only took a few years after the boom of World War I antennas for the Spanish flu to kill roughly fifty million people and affect a third of the world’s population. The Spanish flu consisted of a wide range of symptoms, such as bleeding and hemorrhage in the lungs, due to the blood losing the ability to coagulate. Some people even choked to death from their own blood.

“Communities shut down schools, businesses, and theaters; people were ordered to wear masks and refrain from shaking hands” as those “living on military bases, which bristled with antennas, were the most vulnerable” (2).

(Now, let’s fast-forward to what’s really relevant – our current century.)

Correlation: Covid Pandemic / 5G Installation (2019-present day):

“A spike in Covid cases occurred on February 13—the same week that Wuhan turned on its 5G network for monitoring traffic” (3).

With every large 5G installation, widespread illness followed. In fall 2019, Manhattan, New York fell sick to the coronavirus, and soon after areas of Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens.

The major cities soon were covered with 5G network as well as coronavirus cases - Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Cleveland, and Atlanta, affecting around five thousand towns and cities.

“Citizens of the small country of San Marino (the first country in the world to install 5G, in September 2018) have had the longest exposure to 5G and the highest infection rate—four times higher than Italy (which deployed 5G in June 2019), and twenty-seven times higher than Croatia, which as not deployed 5G” (3).

Europe demonstrated that 5G rollout correlated with widespread illness.

“For example, Milan and other areas in northern Italy have the densest 5G coverage, and northern Italy has twenty-two times as many coronavirus cases as in Rome. In Switzerland, telecommunications companies have built more than two thousand antennas, but the Swiss have halted at least some of the 5G rollout due to health concerns. Switzerland has had far fewer coronavirus cases than nearby France, Spain, and Germany, where 5G is going full steam ahead” (3).

According to Cifre’s 2020 paper “Study of the correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks”, the illness attributed to the coronavirus is slight to nonexistent in rural areas (1).


From our own historical data, it’s pretty evident that the overexposure of electromagnetic fields has a dangerous toll on our health.

Could this be a contributing factor to the pandemics we’ve seen in history?

If so, this would then challenge what we currently know - or, have been told - about the spread of diseases.

What can this mean for us as a vastly growing society in the middle of a technological expansion? 

We may very well be overlooking a crucial factor to the cause of humanity's deadliest diseases. Our country’s governing body has overlooked this factor for centuries (and, for some reason, continues to turn a blind eye on). 

With today's 5G network - is the cellular service really all that better, anyway? What difference will 6G make? 7G? Will 8G be the “breakthrough”? When does it end?

These new network hypes give off the same energy as the fast-fashion iPhone laundry list:

You get the newest iPhone with all the trendy amenities. After some time, it starts to malfunction – over, and over, and over again. Annoying, right? It may even eventually die out on you - without any clue of a known cause. Now, you’re stressed. You have a job, a family, a social life – and you rely on your phone for basically everything (work, plans, directions, alarm, Google search, what have you).

Your hands are tied, and you buy the latest one. Thank goodness! You feel relieved replacing your useless device with the latest iPhone release since now you don’t have to worry about how you’ll manage every day without a phone. A few years later, the same issue happens again – with the iPhone that you had replaced the last one with. So inconvenient. The cycle repeats.

Welcome to the center of big business advertisement - where our society is subjected to the redundant, shenanigan agendas of mega corporation hooligans.

It would be nice if we weren't constantly bombarded on social media with click-bait ads about shoes that are designed to break only after a couple outings, or an insurance company promising “better” rates than your current one.

The issues seem to only occur after you’ve already bought the product. Too late – you already signed your name on the contract.

So, on the topic of 15-minute cities…

If these corporations told you right away (instead of hiding the facts) that these tech towers would make you a statistic in our current chronic illness epidemic – would you still want to live in one?

Take your time to learn more by reading The Truth of Contagion

Let’s put our heads together and find solutions to this radioactive current of a mess.

Collaborate to Save Our Skies!



(1) Bartomeu Payeras I Cifre, “Study of the correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks,” trans. Claire Edwards (March-April 2020),

(2) COWAN, T. S. (2021). Truth about contagion: Exploring theories of how disease spreads. W W NORTON.

(3) Morell, Sally Fallon. (2020) Is covid 19 contagious?, I AM University of Spiritual Psychology. Available at: (Accessed: 17 February 2024).

(4) Taylor, R.E. (n.d.). Death of neurasthenia and its psychological reincarnation: A study of neurasthenia at the National Hospital for the relief and cure of the paralysed and epileptic, Queen Square, London, 1870-1932. The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science. 


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