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Marble Surface

Your Guide to Self-Guidance

The student within is a teacher in disguise. 

Here are articles, written by various individuals, readily available for you in support of your own road to healing and well-rounded homeostasis. These articles cover topics such as betrayal, abandonment, romantic obsession, shame, the parent wounds, jealousy, loneliness, and more.

Consider these as therapeutic messages for yourself, as many individuals have shown to make substantial progress in recovering from forms of abuse, traumatic events, and other past life circumstances without a licensed psychiatrist, counselor, or therapist.


To avoid the disempowering, victim cycle of hopelessness, we must learn to become our own teacher. We can learn a lot about ourselves when we take time to listen. By allowing our emotions to surface (which can be frightening, and requires courage to face), we can feel into what we truly need for personal growth and transformation. From there, we can take initiative to meet these needs.
Doing the work internally is the key to healing. We alone are responsible in instilling our own sense of security and peace. 
Having an external source of help can be beneficial. But, due to the emotional vulnerability of therapy, there is a common tendency for both the counselor and client to fall into a runner-chaser dynamic. This unhealthy dynamic is absent of the realization that we are all equal. Some counselors can easily take advantage of their client's vulnerability, whether by financial means or by assuming the judgmental, "holier than thou" role. Paying for help is not always necessary as many self-help tools are free and easily accessible.

The battle of superiority and inferiority ends with you. Strengthening our sense of self allows us to connect our duality through peace, a polarity that many of us can fall into when operating from fear. 


Be the counselor that you can learn from and be inspired by - the counselor which seeks to learn from the client. 

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