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Self-Reflect for Self-Awareness

Marble Surface

Behind rose-colored lenses are the secrets of our subconsciousness.


I have created this series of self-reflection writings, 'Rose-Colored Lenses', to show how challenging it can be to make inner peace a daily discipline. Our external reality can sometimes be overwhelmingly polarizing. Also, my middle name is Rose, and I wanted to make it punny.


I think that we do ourselves a disservice when we pretend that everything works out for us all the time. Why do we choose to hide our vulnerability, which is beautiful?


Vulnerability is one of my greatest weaknesses. Paradoxically, courage is one of my greatest strengths.


Personally, I am embarking on this series to test, and "check", myself - which I have a habit of doing anyway. I tend to dive head-first into uncomfortable situations, and quite often. But then I get to reap the reward of wisdom from a learned experience.


I hope that my vulnerability helps anyone who may benefit from it.


Authenticity is liberating!

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