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who i am is not whom you knew in the past (free verse)

who i am is not whom you knew in the past

i was an orphan to my mother's womb

and a headache to my father's wake

i was not welcomed in the home that welcomed me

and, man, could i feel it

yet pretended it didn't exist

to feel being looked upon with favorable

eyes by God,

what it must feel like

to be loved in just my

own company,

no one else to worry about,

no one else around me.

to feel safe in cradling arms

in the reverence of a

purely beautiful essence,

which is mine,

the virgin light which makes

us divine,

uniquely, communally, eternally

when i am alone is when i am with you

when i am at home is where i sit in my truth

(where i sit in my truth is when i am at home)


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