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What is science?

The word 'science' gets thrown around a lot. But what actually is it?

Science is a method, a process. In order to say something is 'scientifically proven', it must be subjected to a scientific experiment.

The video below is a great short clip that explains the scientific method, dependent and independent variables. It's presented in a way that is very easy to understand.

One essential component of the scientific method, is an independent variable. An independent variable is a thing that already exists in nature. Without it, a scientific experiment cannot be conducted.

When I say things like vitamins or viruses have no scientific basis, that's because neither have been shown to exist in nature. The only place a vitamin or a virus has been shown to exist is after some tissue or food has been manipulated and adulterated in a laboratory, altering it from its natural state.

It is anti-scientific to create or manufacture an independent variable that does not exist anywhere in nature, conduct an experiment with it and then use the results to explain phenomenon observed in nature.

An independent variable must be a real thing. It has to be shown to exist first. Without it, the result of any experiment is simply pseudo-science.


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