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"We wouldn't want to take advantage of ourselves."

Rose-Colored Lenses (a Self-Reflection Series)

I woke up from a dream today in which I befriended a baby alligator, coddling the animal like a puppy on my lap. The alligator nibbled the left side of my face, arm, and hand, leaving a few pink marks of teeth on my skin. Someone in my dream had expressed concern. I said that the nibbling is a sign of endearment. She proposed what would happen when the alligator grows to maturity, and in my mind I thought (I tend to think in dreams) that the alligator understands emotional bonding and connection like humans do. I'm not sure if I had expressed that verbally in the dream.

My gratitude practice today was great. I noticed about myself that I tend to think about food when I first wake up. For a few months now, I was avoiding preparing food as the first thing in the morning because I was set on releasing addiction to eating. The fear of my own addiction is what got to me, so I worked on mindset. And I realized that animals' primal nature is to hunt, forage, and scavenge. It's just in my instinctive nature. As long as I am appreciative of it, it may not matter when I prepare food and when I eat it. After expressing grace and gratitude, I consciously took time to chew slowly and savor the flavors.

I'm using this time to maintain a stable way of eating as an implemented lifestyle.

Also, since humans are seemingly the only species which can create culinary concoctions, I understand now that part of our journey as conscious beings is to learn to tap in with the loving god within us - the god within us who does not defy the law of nature by sitting in greed, gluttony, and pride, but rather becomes one with nature in the process. We are animals, and are not superior to others. Whatever we eat, we show nature respect and appreciation for it, since we are nature at our own core. We wouldn't want to take advantage of ourselves. Food is life energy. Food is what grounds us on earth.

Food palette today:

Savory meal:

Raw: lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, onions, lime

Cooked: soybeans, corn, cilantro, black beans, pinto beans, carrots, red chili peppers, eggs, "natural" butter

Spices: cayenne pepper, black pepper, Epson salt

Sweet meal:

Bananas, eggs, sesame seeds, sugar, Epson salt, cayenne pepper

Drink palette today:


Soy and sesame milk (with frozen cucumber, lime, sugar, and Epson salt)

Radish, grapefruit, and lime juice with sugar

To get myself off of sugar, I will be substituting sugar with honey or maple syrup if I can find organic options here. The stevia plant is also a natural sweetener (not the sugar packets).

It's been a relaxing day. Taking each intuitive nudge one step at a time. There's no need to be hard on ourselves. We can't possibly fail at our own life. It's illogical to compete and compare. We're all different souls with uniquely individual purposes.

I used about an hour meditating, reaching for myself beneath the conflict of the external world. Once I found myself purely, I took time to stay in this sweet spot of comfort, oneness, and peace. Breathe lightly.


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