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Wait, what's in our vitamins?

Take a look on the side of your vitamin bottle. Does it contain thiamin (B1)?

A base building block used to make synthetic B1 is Grewe diamine, a coal tar derivative from coke production (not to be confused with the soft-drink). Coke is a grey, hard and porous coal-based fuel made by heating coal or oil in the absence of air.

Grewe diamine can also be produced by using acrylonitrile (a toxic chemical used in the production of plastic and rubber). Chemicals like o-chloroaniline and dimethyl sulfate (highly carcinogenic compounds) can also be used.

Grewe diamine is reacted with chemicals like carbon disulfide (a known neurotoxin used to make perfume, cellophane, rayon, rubber and varnish).

Several other chemicals are added to facilitate reactions that yield a substance that is said to be identical to B1 found in food.

I'll stick to organ meat and whole grain thanks.

As always, do your own research before you make up your mind.

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