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"Use your get-out-of-jail free card."

Rose-Colored Lenses (a Self-Reflection Series)

9:56am. There is a room upstairs which has been comfortable for my morning routine. It has the reminiscence of an early boarding school or a monk’s room. A happy jail cell, where the work is enjoyable.

Brendan Daniel’s songs on Terrain Theory were chillingly moving. A beautiful reminder that people grieve losing the deepest parts of themselves when loved ones die.

Why was it meant to turn out this way? Why was it meant to be like this? I can hear others say these in my head.

Our deceased loved ones sometimes are reflected in the energies of others who remind us of them, showing us that they live on, move on, as we do. Sometimes their energy is so powerful that it feels like we’re being overthrown by them. They become our teachers in strength. They help us connect with our voice. They show us how important time is, and why we live for love.

The safety net is me. If I set up my projects for success, I can bet on it because I am the architect, designer, and builder.

Our internal structure requires stability. Our inner child demands it.

The quality of the energy that we put into ourselves shows how well we can solve our own problems.

How do we build our own sense of safety? Hyper-focus into the present. What could we change, step by step, right now? What's one thing we can do to improve our environment?

We self-wrestle until victimhood surrenders to sovereignty. That's funny. Surrendering to peace? More like surrendering to freedom. Maybe freedom comes before peace?

Use your get-out-of-jail free card. 11am.

I’m drinking tea while writing, and, as I said to a friend today, “taking half baby steps”.

Easing in. Got a lot of work to do.



Behind rose-colored lenses are the secrets of our subconsciousness.

I have created this series of self-reflection writings, 'Rose-Colored Lenses', to show how challenging it can be to make inner peace a daily discipline. Our external reality can sometimes be overwhelmingly polarizing. Also, my middle name is Rose, and I wanted to make it punny.

I think that we do ourselves a disservice when we pretend that everything works out for us all the time. Why do we choose to hide our vulnerability, which is beautiful?

Vulnerability is one of my greatest weaknesses. Paradoxically, courage is one of my greatest strengths.

Personally, I am embarking on this series to test, and "check", myself - which I have a habit of doing anyway. I tend to dive head-first into uncomfortable situations, and quite often. But then I get to reap the reward of wisdom from a learned experience.

I hope that my vulnerability helps anyone who may benefit from it.

Authenticity is liberating!


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