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"Trust is the foundation of a family which casts the safety net."

Rose-Colored Lenses (a Self-Reflection Series)

We are not meant to feel bad for the parts of ourselves who abused us to keep our voices silent. There is no pity for the parts of ourselves who hurt us to oppress us. We honor ourselves by respecting the comfort of our own boundaries. A bird chirped.

We don't have any time to waste, and we are no longer children. There are too many outdated belief systems with some of the older generations. These systems aren't setting up the younger generations for success in a thriving, happy family. Divorce and abortion rates are hauntingly high. Many of us are too scared of getting hurt to be vulnerable.

Trust is the foundation of a family which casts the safety net. Children react when they can't trust their environment. This behavior is rooted in fear of their surroundings, where the children sense a lack of safety. If children are fearful of their environment, look to the parents.

Most children learn to follow what their parents want them to do growing into adulthood, and then struggle to continuously try to meet these unrealistic expectations. This causes depression. It is not enjoyable feeling constantly disappointed with ourselves due to expectations which are not ours to begin with. It doesn't feel pleasant not feeling like ourselves.

Children need protection for their creativity to grow in a healthy environment. Too many children become fearful that their potential will be hijacked which demotivates them from progressing with hobbies that interest them. Parents are too intimidated by the responsibilities of parenthood, wondering if they had children prematurely, and if they can meet their own expectations of raising a child. It is a great responsibility to raise a uniquely individual, new person from birth to adulthood.

I wish that I could have felt understood in my childhood, since I was mostly alone in my room, and often in punishment. But this paradigm shift is about us seeking to understand ourselves. We don't rely on anyone else to understand us. We love to understand ourselves because we learn how to care for ourselves which helps us grow. When we seek for love outside of ourselves, it is unrequited. Love is internal, eternal.

I enjoy the soul-searching experience. I thought, is it time (for this reflection)? A bird chirped four times.

One more thing: I don't have time to pity myself, and I choose not to oppress myself. I choose to deprogram from the system by doing what I feel lovingly called to do.


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