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There are not enough supplements for a real food deficiency.

We are told that if you eat a diet full of rubbish, you can supplement with vitamin pills to make up for it.

Synthetic vitamins are completely different to real food. It’s like trying to improve indoor air quality with plastic plants. You might feel better inside when you see some greenery, but the air quality hasn't changed. Only real living plants can do this.

It’s the same with food, only real, living food can nourish the body. When food is analysed with techniques like Kirlian imaging, biocrystallisation & chromatography, there are clearly huge differences.

Food provides structured water, biophotons & different frequencies to the human body which have untold beneficial effects. As soon as a food is processed, it loses these qualities. Think of real food like a whole egg and vitamin pills like an empty shell. They might look the same from the outside, but they're not the same.

You cannot beat real food, nor can you supplement your way out of a real food deficiency.

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