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The devil requests his advocate.

Spiritual bypassing to enlightenment - what does the dark have yet to bring to light?

New age spirituality is trending vigorously in the 21st century. It makes sense.

Unprecedented worldly events surfaced over the last decade, sparking massive shifts in culture, lifestyle, and personal routine. In times of confusion, people tend to seek and redefine purpose in order to gain a better understanding of the meaning of life.

Our era's vast evolution in technology provides us with innovative ways to connect with each other through the sharing, discussing, and weighing of ideas and public information. In 2017, tarot card deck sales went up thirty percent "after rising 30 percent in 2016 — the highest in 50 years" (New York Times). TikTok lets you view channeled messages, astrological insights, and reiki healings within a minute of scrolling. Today, many people know of the metaphysics of crystals: wear clear quartz for cleansing, black tourmaline for protection, or moldavite - if you're up for the challenge.

You can dive into spiritual outlets for the rest of your life with endless fascination and curiosity of the unknown. But, if something can be monetized, it becomes a business.

This is the blessing and curse of cause and effect, as above/so below, yin yang - as seen in the Seven Hermetic Principles. As we set forth to discover ourselves in the natural, human journey of spirituality, an international, materialistic agenda awaits us with booby traps to reel us back into societal conformity. Spirituality gets branded, marketed, and exploited. The journey of enlightenment is now a fashion trend instead of a way of life.

Spiritual bypassing comes from a desire for social acceptance, status, or recognition by personifying what is favorably acceptable by the public. Intent is key. Eventually, the illusion of one's fantasy becomes one's reality. How can we tell if we're living under an illusion?

An example of spiritual bypassing is the phrase "good vibes only", which is today's "live laugh love". Within the last decade, this widely-used phrase made its way onto pencil pouches, notebooks, and totes at your nearest chain supermarkets, often coated with rainbow colors and cartoon images of celestial bodies, clouds, and flowers.

The phrase, on the surface level, may have good intentions depending on the messenger. However, like "cancel culture", people can use this phrase to dismiss anyone who is in an emotionally vulnerable state. Limiting freedom of speech prevents us from hearing someone's full expression of truth. This limitation coerces people into hiding their feelings for the utilitarian compliance of silence, trademarked as harmony. Can you read the language of spiritual bypassing?

Only things like love, peace, and light are socially accepted - and anything perceived as "negative", "bad", or "dark" is ignored, scorned, or rejected. Sugarcoating our reality allows us to escape the fear of our own eternal, internal damnation.

The irony lies in the materialism of our physical reality. If you're buying a "good vibes only" tote at a chain supermarket, likely at least one of its top three shareholders is facilitating some sort of human trafficking operation - whether it be child labor, prostitution, organ selling, or all of the above. Shein, Amazon, Abercrombie & Fitch for retail, and other chains are Hilton, Marriot, and McDonald's to name a few.

Spiritual bypassing can easily feed into the very system of oppression that we claim to condone as a society. Looking at this consciously, money is a form of energy. Are we voluntarily playing into the system's games as walking advertisements for oligarchic, oppressive corporations? At least 82 percent of us have felt like an imposter at some point. We may not consciously see where our money went, but our subconsciousness knows.

Spiritual bypassing has gotten popular in new age spirituality. Can we blame ourselves? The narrative of spiritual bypassing allows us to escape from the emotional wounds that we're afraid to face. Why would we want to? It hurts to feel. We could just ignore the pain.

Sometimes the pain is too much for us to want to feel in its entirety, or we are not in an environment which would allow the space for it. Our parents may have dismissed forms of abuse as "not that bad", "could have been worse", or even "that never happened". School bullies quickly taught us to toughen up. The sexual offender claimed that the connection came from love - but best to keep it a secret.

Suppressing the pain can become addictive. In some areas of life, we have been conditioned to tolerate oppression. This conditioning puts us in a constant state of victim mentality. Not only do we now act from this limiting mindset, but, due to that, we opt into the agenda of population control, or “group-think”, in fear of the repercussions of confronting the system. This mindset of ours then plays into everything we interact with.

“Adhere to these social standards for acceptance” (otherwise you have no support).

“Buy this product, and it will make you happy" (because you're incomplete without it).

“Join this church sector” (since your soul needs an institution to protect you).

“Vote for this candidate, and you may be heard" (however, you must comply with all new laws and regulations regardless of your personal stance on the issue).

This authoritarian language appears everywhere you don't want it, conveniently. This is where we get to learn.

Our subconscious mind remembers and retains the emotions of our past experiences, as our body's water stores memories and carries information around like a messenger. When there is an unhealed wound from a past experience, our subconscious mind will operate within the limitations of the wound, as the wound is connected to a certain stage, and age, of our living. Our subconsciousness will continue to project this karmic, unhealed wound out into our external reality until we learn about ourselves from the past experience. After, we now have discernment to solve and overcome the present manifestation of the wound. We also can decipher others' intentions and motives from an objective perspective because we were able to connect the triggered relation to an experience in our past. We've been like that. We know what it's like. Empathy sparks compassion. Now we understand others better than before. Now we have compassion with others as we do ourselves.

Above: This external illusion triggers us to unveil the false narrative that we’ve been told. 

Below: This internal illusion invites us to learn from the false narrative that we’ve told ourselves. 

Both of these sentences have merit. However, the difference between these sentences is one of victimhood, and the other personal sovereignty

What do I want to believe about myself?

Am I who I say I am? 

Do my actions align with my words and thoughts?

Do I feel limited, or expansive?

The common denominator of today's society's narrative is the reliance on the external to satisfy the internal, the conformity of reliance on external validation to prove individual worthiness. When we can convince people to rely on a system, they’ll voluntarily relinquish their power to that system. Relinquishing power is relinquishing responsibility. When we gamble all of our trust into one place, it is because our lack of discernment causes distrust in our own decision-making. It's easy to blame circumstances on external factors.

"This is not my problem - someone else deal with it."

"Why don't I have any control over my own life?"

When we seek ourselves objectively, the victim script is flipped. We discover our power in personal sovereignty.

Sometimes, the systemic programming is so severe that we don’t even know that we are carrying out this false narrative. When we opt into the system, we become the system, like Mr. Smith in "The Matrix". Our energy is now feeding the system. We subconsciously project group-think beliefs onto others, judging and ostracizing those who do not fit within the social narrative. We become agents of the matrix.

Here we are, living day to day, struggling to think freely as trauma numbs our clair senses, while our uniquely divine power awaits us to discover it.

How do we free ourselves from our own slavery? We first identify the use of fear-mongering for emotional manipulation, and ask ourselves what we fear, coming into acceptance of potential inner discoveries or truths. Once we feel balanced, we then choose to focus on what inspires us. We actively listen to the calling of our passion - what intuitively drives us. What activities bring us the most joy, peace, excitement? We invest in ourselves, which connects our mind and heart, thinking and feeling, to work in unison. This feeds our spirit.

The word inspiration derives from 'inspirare' or 'inspiritus' which means various phrases in Latin, such as "to breathe in spirit", "to breathe into", or to "breathe to life". A way to discover what is helpful for our spiritual growth is identifying what inspires us versus what doesn't. To feel if something rings true within us, we ask ourselves honest questions:

Does this feel right to me? 

Is this belief rooted in fear, or love? 

Do I enjoy adopting this belief system?

We experience life in the uniquely individual lenses of our personal identities. The beauty of life is that we are not capable of knowing everything by the time we die. But, we can learn through the perspectives of other people by seeking to understand who they are from their own personal experiences. And, there is no need to agree, since agreeing to everything makes us disagreeable. But, what does their reality look like through their eyes? How does this possibly broaden your own perspective?

Conscious expansion is seeking a viewpoint as free from personal bias as we can discover. It is the ability to see both objectively and subjectively. In the new age spirituality movement, use discernment to identify spiritual bypassing. It tends to be in favor of judging polarity.

Polarity is a natural law, and one of the components of the Seven Hermetic Principles. If we fear our own polarity, we delay our personal growth until we decide to make peace with it. We come into inner balance by working with our darkness. In fact, it's necessary. This is the realm in which we 'confront our demons'.

In the renowned Rider-Waite tarot card deck, the major arcana card "The Devil" is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, termed as the "god of justice" and the planet of karma, responsibility, discipline, and work ethic. Interesting, the devil can be somewhat like a personal coach. The devil within us seeks to teach.

If there is light but no dark, we wouldn’t need to choose. We wouldn’t have conflict. We wouldn’t experience a grand scale of emotions, to include betrayal, anger, disappointment, shame. Everything would be, more or less, neutral. We would just do.

It's understandable that most of us ignore our darkness since our physical reality already overwhelms us with it. Who controls the media, the news, the social platforms, the political agendas, the corporations, the religious institutions? It's as if they're trying to distract us from our darkness with their darkness. Ain't nobody got time for that. Anyone with the ability to relay messages to masses of people holds power. Anyone who holds power holds influence. Fear is influential, isn’t it? Influential is monetizable. Fear can be expensive.

Well, on that depressing note, let's now integrate the light!

Above: When we love, we love all parts of ourselves, including the parts of us that we hate. The parts of us that we can’t stand. The parts of us that trigger us. The parts of us that itch for us to learn. The parts of us that propel us on our journey. (Below: replace every 'that' with 'who' or 'whom'.)

You no longer need to rely on blind faith when you can prove faith with scientific evidence.

What if I told you that hope can be measured by the bandwidth of our body's frequency?

There is no spirituality without science. Our physical reality provides us with the ground upon which the existence of spirituality is verified. Yin yang. (We're subject to overlook this important key factor when we're spiritually bypassing.)

Literally and figuratively, the grass is greener on the other side. Take a look into my lens.

The Ripple Effect of Frequencies

According to Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, a person resonating at 300 counterbalances over 90,000 individuals who are at or under 200 hertz. This means that a person who exudes around the frequency of willingness/optimism (310 hertz) can heal 90,000 people who are within the range of courage/affirmation and below, such as shame (200-20 hertz). This means that we have the ability to help heal thousands, and potentially millions, of people by simply doing our inner work.

Without feeding into the savior complex, this inspires a sense of purpose in me to face my own darkness. I will happily grapple any demon in the fiery depths of Moria to assist in the mission of relinquishing evil for the sake of humankind.

We can heal not only ourselves, but also help heal everyone within our bandwidth by the power of our energetic frequency alone. It may just take a few thousand, divinely-inspired minds - and, when I say minds, I mean people - to collaborate in a reality of which we are healing Earth, spiritually and physically. Let's experience the depths of emotions.

(Would you like to learn more about how we can heal ourselves and our planet with science? Sign up for my newsletter.)

Many people have become severely wounded due to the world's current status. Knowing that I can gamble on mindful, concrete faith is what inspires me. The hope lies within learning. We love learning because we enjoy loving ourselves truthfully. We love connecting with ourselves as other beings. We love discovering who we are. And, in a way, we're all recovering from some form or second-hand smoke of narcissism. We might as well love ourselves truthfully, with periodic reality checks.

This is why it’s important to look within - the change that we make on this planet is the change that we make within us.

We consciously work alongside our wounded subconsciousness, which carries the darkness of low-vibrating frequencies. There is nothing "wrong" about experiencing these vibrations. As we grow in awareness we practice working through the emotions healthily over conscious thought and action.

We can experience such polarizing high's and low's due to imbalances from, and conflict in, our upbringing. Many people decide to detach from outcomes due to an addiction of numbing the pain and suffering of the physical body, which is too ill and tired to process the emotions of energetically-draining, polarizing experiences. For others of us, our subconscious mind may continuously remind us to heal by sending the wound's unhealed energies as recurring burdens and interferences until we either no longer can bear it, or decide to make life a into a gamble. The most self-fulfilling, personally-sovereign option is to take intuitive action to heal the wound quickly and efficiently if we aspire to live to our greatest capacity.

How do we face our deepest and darkest fears? 

(This is a life-long process. The more we heal ourselves, the easier it gets for us to feel in balance. We have our whole lives, and, possibly other lifetimes, to discover who we truly are. Do not rush yourself. At the same time, if you know that you're dragging your feet, discover what inspires you, and act upon it.

During the dark night of my soul, I benefitted from mentorship. If you feel called, I offer short and long-term mentorship.)

A trigger leads us to an unhealed wound.

When you feel a trigger, look within yourself to find the source of where it comes from. Does the trigger feel familiar, like in your childhood? Does a past memory come to mind? Where have you seen the same trigger within you? Ask yourself, why does this trigger make me feel this way?

A trigger is a form of the energy, paired with at least one emotion, which our subconscious mind has stored from an unhealed wound. Something external may trigger you because the feeling of a past memory calls for your resolution from an experience in which you felt unjustified due to biased judgment.

This hurt feeling comes from the belief that people who are close to us wouldn't be that cruel to deceive or abandon us so easily. And, even though we discover that it is just a reflection of their own projections, it still hurts us as we believed this narrative as true.

In order to process these emotions, we may feel the need to temporarily disconnect from society until we have better balance. In this time of isolation, we get to connect the dots of where this same energy persisted to follow us into our adulthood. When we give ourselves time to process our emotions, we then understand that our external environment is a direct reflection of our internal environment. We feel more in-balance and at peace knowing why past situations ended as they did.

Allow the trigger to show you what you do not prefer in a person, situation, circumstance, etcetera. Where does this feeling come up in childhood? What fears come up? What limited belief systems about yourself would you like to release? Once complete, you are able to magnetize what you do prefer from a heart-centered perspective. If we can learn from our fear, then the devil becomes god in disguise. Fear is a version of love in the form of a lesson.

Allow our suppressed emotions to surface in its entirety.

It can be frightening to face these wounds. It can be hard to accept reality when we’ve spent so much time and effort believing in something that we've been told. It can be hard to accept the extent to which we were willing to oppress ourselves. Our inner child begs us to feel the emotions that we have buried inside. Chronic illness can come from suppressing emotions.

Allow yourself to feel the full spectrum of emotions, as deep as they go, until you feel safe in feeling them. At the bottom of the emotional pit is acceptance and understanding of what has occurred in our lives up until now, the present moment. Climbing back up from the emotional pit is gratitude for the experience of gaining profound wisdom about ourselves.

If you feel unable of feeling, there is still an emotion tied to that inability. There is a defensive energy within you intentionally blocking other emotions to surface. Ask yourself what you are trying to avoid if you can't figure out what you fear. Once you discover what you're trying to avoid, ask yourself what you would feel if you faced that thing you're trying to avoid. There is an emotion with every fear, even neutrality is a feeling (250 hertz).

Ask yourself when and how you learned to disconnect from your vulnerability. Children often learned to close themselves off in order to avoid repercussion for expressing themselves. It becomes extraordinarily more and more difficult to handle a grander scale of emotions as we get older, and stress is a common cause of illness. Provide yourself the space that you were not given as a child to freely be yourself, such as time alone in a room, in nature, or in your car and little to no interruption, including technology.

Fear is the doorway to your strength. Learning from hardship becomes your wisdom.

The key to knowing that you've healed that wound is finding the root cause of the wound, and feeling grateful for the wisdom that you gained from it. The wound is healed when you can love yourself for how you were back then, and how you are now, exactly as you are - no sugarcoating, and no eternal, internal damnation. This newly profound wisdom has now elevated your conscious awareness, and you are spiritually equipped to discern the same energies without the trigger causing you to fear yourself nearly as much as you used to. Like piecing together a landscape puzzle, now you see how simple, dynamic, and complex you are. Since you come from a place of knowing, you respond instead of react. You love the ugly, beautiful, everything in between.

Integrate your insight into your daily routine.

Take small, comforting, self-paced steps into the authentic version of you that you aspire to be. Visualize how this version of yourself would maneuver tactfully in a land of confusion. Get lost and find yourself.

Set yourself passionate goals and abide by them, honoring yourself. And, if you don't meet your goals, create new ones. Allow yourself to mentor, befriend, and learn from yourself.

Look at every trigger as an opportunity for you to give another perspective the fair chance to be seen and heard. 


We are one consciousness,

divided physically,

experiencing life subjectively,

to discover our collective oneness spiritually.

We are what makes us different. Like a lotus flower, we rise from the upbringing that helped shape our ego, the beautiful intricacy of the whole person.

Many cultures hold celebrations of death and rebirth, such as Dia de los Muertos, in gratitude of loved ones who have passed on. It feels good to be grateful for whom and what we already have in our lives. It's a gift to be alive.

Every interaction invites us to discover and remember who we truly are. We practice being consciously present to capture what we can learn from our current experience. This is the deep love within ourselves which makes the spiritual journey worth embarking on.

Let 'the devil' show you how you can overcome your fear.

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