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Stephanie Bloom's in the Garden

Isn't that a cool pun?

Recently, I had the wonderful experience of chatting with Stephanie Bloom on iHealCollective's In the Garden: DivInspiration Series. Get ready to hear Stephanie's favorite heavy metal bands!

"Spirituality, for me, has been a really interesting journey...I think we are all fragments of the same consciousness having a human experience." - Stephanie Bloom, In the Garden: DivInspiration Series

Stephanie is a natural health expert, podcast host of "Walk with Me: Conversations with Real People", reiki practitioner, and overall powerful pioneer of today's health freedom movement. Having an out-of-body experience at a young age, Stephanie has cultivated a nourishing, abundant, self-fulfilling life in which she now coaches others on all facets of health.

Tune into our conversation: from experiencing grief and loss, to healing leaky gut, to practicing peace internally, to reclaiming personal sovereignty - our born, natural right.

Have you tapped into your self-love today? Do it, for you!

"I'm out here - trying to live my life to the fullest in every way, and be grateful for every moment - so that, when they experience my life, they can truly understand how much love I have in my heart, and I want to give." - Stephanie Bloom, In the Garden: DivInspiration Series

Learn more about Stephanie Bloom by visiting her website at


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