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Some children only get chickenpox once in their lives.

(Our body’s natural detox process)

There is one common denominator among children who only get chickenpox once in their lives. Can you guess what that is?

The only children who get chickenpox once in their lives are those who are unvaccinated.

This means that the body is programmed to fight and cure a disease on its own - as in, without drugs, medicine, or shots.

How is that so? It’s like how our skin heals from a cut on its own. Our body has a natural, internal mechanism - our own sewage system process for taking out toxic substances.

What is toxicity? Generally speaking, toxicity is anything that can burn cells and/or cause decay in our body.

But aren’t there artificial substances (like over-the-counter drugs) you can take that could speed up the healing process? This answer depends on a question. First, we need to understand the nature of artificial substances.

Artificial substances have proven, time and time again, to alleviate symptoms of an illness. It feels good to be relieved of the pain and discomfort of an itchy throat or runny nose. But, ‘alleviate’ does not mean ‘treat'. We’re looking to treat an illness – not just alleviate symptoms. Alleviating symptoms is not treating the root cause of the illness. For optimal healing purposes, we treat the root cause.

Here, then, is the question: do you know if the artificial substance you are taking is potentially either (1) causing another illness in your body, or (2) accumulating toxicity which may be attributing to a long-term, potentially chronic illness?

Many artificial substances actually work against the body’s healing process because it suppresses symptoms (which is what they're designed to do). These symptoms are how the body removes the toxins on its own. Symptoms like runny nose, coughing, or itchy throat are internally respondent processes which our body initiates to remove toxins physically, often involving mucus that our body generates to transfer the toxins out.

Alleviating symptoms with artificial substances can stop the natural purging of toxins, therefore keeping the toxins in the body. Not only that, but artificial substances are, by definition, foreign to the body. Potentially two detox sessions are now required - one for the original toxins which caused the illness, and another for the artificial substances you took to alleviate the symptoms.

So, the answer is no. Artificial substances do not speed up the healing process, but rather prevent it.

I’m not here to say that you should never take an artificial substance. But, oftentimes, these temporary, artificial alleviators are a combination of both natural and unnatural substances. Personally, I find it easier to treat the source of the illness rather than welcoming foreign toxins in my body which I will then later need to detox from.

The safest route is the body’s natural detox mechanism. Paired with a healthy way of living, you may not even get sick in the first place! You won’t have to worry if any drugs you take may cause you liver failure in the future. This detox process is your body’s natural, healing gift to you. If you allow your body to show you what it can do, you’ll find that your body already sets you up for success.

During this process, the body creates an immunity to that disease and stores “a memory of how to fight it” (O’Shea). Doctors call this “natural immunity”: the body acquires this memory purely on its own. Once the body heals itself from an illness, it then “will not be susceptible to the same disease in the future, for life” (O’Shea).

Natural immunity is the only true immunity. It only happens after getting the disease. Artificial immunity, by contrast, means that the symptoms of the disease were artificially suppressed by means of drugs or vaccines” (O’Shea).

Today’s allopathic doctors are taught to treat these symptoms as if they are the culmination of the sickness itself, but not as the body’s natural detox process. They are then taught to provide drugs that stop the body’s detox process by suppressing the symptoms that are trying to remove the toxins. Unfortunately, taking these drugs are the first steps towards another sickness that you may end up going to the hospital for. That means more hospital trips, and more medical bills. It’s almost like healthcare today acts like a marketing business which profits off of people’s poor health.

When doctors treat your cough and the nasal congestion as if they are the disease itself, they overlook the underlying cause of the disease. How are we expected to heal if our own doctor cannot address the root cause of illness?

In Tim O’Shea’s book, The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination I$ Not Immunization, O’Shea quotes from Dr. Sabin of the International Association of Scientists and Biologicals:

“‘Official data has shown that the large scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases for which they were supposed to provide immunization. In essence it was and is a failure’” (O'Shea).

Well then! It sounds like our body’s natural detox process is not only cheaper than healthcare, but also healthier for us in the long run!


Disclosure: I’m not a medical professional. Do not take this article as medical advice. However, I am a human with a body and life experience. Personally, I am the healthiest I have ever been since discovering the terrain model approach last year. I haven’t taken any artificial medicine, drugs, or any other similar substances in over a year. The last time I had cold-like symptoms was during an extended water fast in October 2023, and I had fasted specifically to purge out toxins.

Here is my own protocol in regards to treating illness:

(1) When you feel the symptoms of an illness, let the body take you through its natural detox process for optimal treatment.

(2) While you’re detoxing, prioritize natural substances to alleviate any discomforting and/or painful symptoms.

Would you like natural remedies for the cold or flu? Check these out:



O’Shea, Tim. The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination I$ Not Immunization. Thedoctorwithin, 2009.


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