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lack of perception (free verse)

You love the nice, quick ego boosts

which stem from your

judgmental lack of perception,

don’t you?


Your heart measures the toll it takes

in facing a self-made burden

every waking moment -

the heavy chest, sunken breath,

lack of sleep, perhaps,

maybe even an occasional night terror?


Ah, your subconscious stores

the fear of your own judgment,

since maybe you fear that

you may judge yourself that



What you are willing to do to me,

you are willing to do to you.

Do you fear that you may hate

yourself just as much, if not more,

than how much you hate me?


Do you hate you like you hate me?

Yikes, is it true? Maybe.

It must be.


So, on behalf of yourself,

won’t you mind

cutting me some slack, then?


You can learn to pay me no mind.

Mind the mirror,

which holds you for growth and time.



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