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July 2024 Astrological Transit Tracker

(Updated July 13th)

Here are the key astrological transits for July 2024:

Tuesday, July 9th: Pallas goes direct in Scorpio

Pallas, similar to Pluto, is a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter. Although there are various stories about Pallas, Pallas can be identified through Athena, the goddess of war and health, talented in strategic maneuver warfare and problem-solving skills as well as arts such as sculpting and crafting. As Scorpio is ruled by either Mars or Pluto in western astrology (depending on traditional or modern astrology), Scorpio carries themes of power, life and death, possession, emotional depth, and passion, along with other similar themes.

This day is a great day to stand your ground confidently with what you value and treasure in life, taking the stance as the protagonist and guardian of what you are willing to protect in preserving its goodness.
If you are passionate about a certain theme in your life, you may act upon a spark of motivation to express it in a way that will inspire others.
You may also have an opportunity to resolve conflict or confusion between others by utilizing your skills of being both understanding and morally fair.

Wednesday, July 10th: Pluto (Aquarius, R) trine Lilith (Libra)

Pluto is known to be the dwarf planet of death and rebirth, transformation, trauma and abuse, power, control, occultism, psychology, and more, with its respective zodiac sign as Scorpio (in modern astrology). Pluto naturally calls us to look into the "deep underworld" of our subconscious, which is where we hold the secrets - keys - to transformative enlightenment. The brightest light comes from the darkest shadows.

With Pluto in Aquarius, we are looking into what may be lurking behind the shadows within our communities or societies, technology, people in power, etc.

Within our own subconscious, what patterns have we adopted from our communal, social, external environment as our own? Do these patterns deserve to hold authoritarian influence over our decision-making and way of living?

The asteroid Lilith is who rises from the ashes as a self-proclaimed individual, despite her community condemning her very essence. Lilith tends to represent the parts of us which we are afraid to face within ourselves, as we have kept these parts of us secret to conform to a public persona in an immorally impure way of living. Lilith is currently in Libra, the zodiac sign of peace, balance, harmony, partnerships, relationships, and etcetera.

Pluto and Lilith trine in the air signs of Aquarius and Libra to encourage us to decentralize overbearing systems of communal or social authority within our own subconscious which we have allowed ourselves to believe in fear of neglect or rejection.
This is a great day for inner work and self-reflection, as inner power arises from the ashes of ineffectual, external judgment. Take this period of time to feel gratitude for the "real ones" - the people who respect your freedom to express yourself authentically.
Where in your life can you bring harmony to unhealthily systemic influences? Where in your life can you provide space for the part of you which requires to be heard or seen, regardless of public backlash? What truth do you hold within yourself which stands ground for those who do not have a voice?
Feel free to take time this day to ease comfortably into how you want to feel when you are unhinged. This would be releasing any delusional ties to societal norms. You don't need to feel unwarranted pressure to text someone back within a certain period of time, and you don't need to uncomfortably go to an event of which your intuition is advising you not to go to. You can also practice surfacing your bold uniqueness through creative outlets such as affirmations, writing, doing a hobby you haven't touched in a while, or trying out a new self-care habit.

July 11: Venus enters Leo | Sun (Cancer) trine Saturn (Pisces, R)

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, harmony, and more, entered the self-expressive, vibrant, cheerful zodiac sign of Leo, naturally the sign of the sun. Venus is naturally the planet of Libra, an air, cardinal sign which leads the way in interpersonal relationships and receiving energy.

During this time, learn to honor yourself in a manner that feels true to your individualistic authenticity. Remember the joy that you felt as a child when creating whimsical stories, playing outside with friends, and basking in the sun? Allow your inner child to feel that again as you practice following your intuition in doing what you feel called to do.

This may be through creative, social, and/or passionate outlets, such as dancing to your favorite music, playing an instrument, socializing with your friends, or even getting a haircut!

This is a great period of time (while Venus is in Leo until August 4th) to tap into and strengthen your sacral chakra (ego, willpower, strength, vitality) in connection to your heart chakra (generosity, peace, emotional connection, gratitude), and embody the natural confidence and dignity of what makes you an energy powerhouse on this earth.
What makes you so inspiring as a person? These attributes are your strength and power. Sit on the throne that is only reserved for you, and give to yourself in a way that dignifies your healthy ego self. Cheap thrills are nice, but intentional moments of "love investments" will put you into an upward-trajectory state of self-love practice.
Remember that the sun supports growth of life on earth. Like baking cookies, the most important ingredient is that the baker made them with love.

Also, on this day, the sun in Cancer is trine the planet Saturn in Pisces (retrograde).

How does our childhood upbringing, motherly attributes, core morals, and family values showcase through our public persona and individual presentation in the areas of spiritual and subconscious discipline, focus, structure, and responsibility? What does our shadow self teach us to become an expert at so that we can teach others to embrace the qualities of the shadow self? Look into the strengths of your home and family background which supports your spiritual routine, career, practices, and etcetera.

July 12: Jupiter (Gemini) sextile North Node (Aries)

As the North Node encourages us to take action in leading by example with full self-embodiment (Aries rules the first house of self, naturally ruled by Mars), Jupiter in Gemini asks us to find the fortune and abundance in embodying the student (Gemini, often known as the lovers, is the balance of masculine and feminine energy and rules the mind).

What are you so passionate about that you feel inclined to do the research on your own past time? What signs and synchronicities have you been receiving lately which may point you towards a field of study that interests you? Acting upon your inspiration will invite you into an area of wisdom your subconscious mind may be encouraging you to go towards for your life journey and sense of purpose.

July 20: Mars enters Gemini

Mars, the planet of initiative, sense of self, passion, drive, and etcetera, enters the sign of Gemini, the zodiac known for intellectual learning, studying, communication, the balance of the masculine and feminine, and etcetera. Mars will stay in Gemini until September 4, 2024.

You may feel a stronger urge than usual to resolve conflict more directly than how you are usually used to working through conflict. You may also feel a drive to pick up a new hobby or research an entirely new field of study which will expand your knowledge and upgrade your own journey of self.
Feel free to act upon an opportunity to learn a new physical activity such as jiujitsu or yoga which will provide you with mental stimulation as well as bodily endurance and mobility.

July 21: Venus (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Gemini)

The self-nurturing, heart-centered Venus in Leo meets the eagerly curious and (literally) mindful Jupiter in Gemini.

Today you may find great fortune in learning more about yourself - your inner child, what inspires you to be creative, what mental breakthroughs will open your heart space, and etcetera. Be receiving of lessons which may prompt you into inner work for an elevation in consciousness in both the mind and heart.
Take this opportunity to gain wisdom from your inner child who wishes to teach you, and perhaps even to be set free in both passionate self-expression and honest communication. This is a great day for an expansion in love and learning.

July 21: Full moon in Capricorn

Join me in celebrating the Capricorn full moon on this day (calendar).

The Capricorn moon will be opposite of the sun in Cancer.

You may feel as if your way of relaxation is through strategic isolation and personal management as your reenergization is through emotional vulnerability with your family and friends.
Prepare for a potential, long-lasting change in your private life, embracing your alluring nature and ability to disarm internal conflict.
Lean into the comfort of your emotional depth, and allow your body to let emotions flow smoothly.
Find safety and security in vulnerability and deep connection with yourself and others.

July 22: Sun enters Leo and trines Neptune (Pisces)

Allow your passion and inspiration to drive your action during the time the sun is in Leo. Acting upon a strong sense of your morals and values may elevate your social status as the sun will bring attention to these themes in your life. People may become drawn to your integrity, individuality, and personal courage.
You may find yourself strengthening or creating bonds with others on an optimistically spiritual level. This placement may also bring to light your unique artistry and creative imagination, encouraging you to visualize your future and perhaps plan long-term for personal goals you may wish to accomplish.

July 25: Mercury enters Virgo | Moon in Aries, Sun (Leo) sextile Lilith (Libra)

Mercury sweetly enters her home, earth sign of Virgo, the feminine mind of communication, organization, depth in analysis, problem-solving, and mutable resources. While this occurs, the moon enters the fiery, motivated, headstrong sign of Aries as our public persona (sun in Leo) conspires with justice-oriented Lilith to raise her from the dead and give her a social platform.

Tactfully prioritize the required need to bring all parts of yourself to light. What are the things about you which you may fear the most? The moon in Aries is determined to help you bring this energetic sovereignty to the spotlight. Mercury requests that you strategically maneuver through social conversation to find the root intention and meaning of everyone you interact with.
Some may support the rise of Lilith, and others may not. Conversation will help you see through people's innermost insecurities and needs for inner stability. Take people's projections with a grain of salt, of course.
Take this time to ground your vigor for unapologetic authenticity in a comprehensible, communicative manner which can help others understand the purpose behind neutral boldness, which can be both gentle and fierce.

Current retrograde planets: Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, Chiron


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