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If you think the vitamins in your pills are coming from food. Think again.

"Isolation of thiamine from natural sources is only of historical interest. All of the thiamine produced worldwide is manufactured by chemical processes. Two major synthetic routes are used".

The use of grewe diamine (a coal tar derivative) to make thiamine (B1) is "universally practiced by all large manufacturers".

If you are a natural health clinician and you are happy to keep on prescribing synthetic vitamins derived from petrochemicals, coal tar and other toxic compounds to your clients, who am I to stop you?

But you owe it to your clients to be honest with them and tell them exactly how these 'vitamins' are made, who makes them and what they are made from. That way they can make up their own mind if they want to take these 'natural alternatives'.

I'm sure most clients think this stuff is coming from food and the simple truth of the matter is it's not.

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