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"I woke up before I could get to the ritual."

Rose-Colored Lenses (a Self-Reflection Series)

What I really want to do is have one last meal today, and then wake up at 3am tomorrow morning and do a ruck march.

I have the desire to go on a liquid fast, but I also have the desire to exercise heavily. Maybe both?

There's a fun, secret entrance to another city just a few blocks from me.

I had an odd dream this morning:

I was in an outside, lusciously green retreat center with spiritual, hippie-looking people. Someone I knew was sitting next to me at a table with some unknown individuals. This person was clinging onto me, and I remember feeling uncomfortable in the dream.

I was about to participate in an energy cleansing ritual for the first time. A woman explained to me the process. I would take a pitcher of water, symbolizing my own spirituality, and gently pour it into a small pond or lake, representing the cosmos, at the retreat center. The ritual would take place in the late afternoon and into the evening. She had mentioned to be careful and ensure that I pour the water conservatively and slowly. She noted that some individuals had died from pouring the water too quickly, or even spilling it. In this ritual, the water in the pitcher is known as our individual soul's life force, and pouring it without intention is like draining one's own life, wasting the potential of our contribution to the world. I woke up before I could get to the ritual.

A fortune teller in my dream mentioned the names "Matthew" and "Romania" or "Romanio" or something, referring to a man's name, but it sounded like the country.

The person I knew in my dream seemed mentally impaired, and also didn't look much like himself.

The ritual reminds me of the Star major arcana card. How we replenish and feed the earth.

I'm getting used to a routine that I enjoy, and am feeling empowered from only drinking liquids today, although the hunger has been real. I also have a slight headache, probably due to having WiFi on for a while. A bird chirped four times. A car honked eight times. 6:26pm. Experiment 626.


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