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how can we tell what is a good deed?

how can we tell what is a good deed?

now is every possibility.

I see your wide glance of second-guess,

a split second of a doubt to test


it comes in rushes - the things I say,

naturally defensive, in ways

can the ocean be calculated,

or is it a task earth is fated?


our mind loses the gamble of chance

battling an unknown circumstance

unknowns are knowingly intended

to free and keep one’s options open


would we live if we knew the future?

losses are pillars as we mature

wins are highlights of our memories

the right choice is possibility.


do we risk the bet on breaking trends?

what is it that we risk in the end?

can we comprehend what life offers,

a sweet spot between growth and comfort?


what life stores may shake a sense of trust

when no one’s done what we’ve ever done.

will we know to act on a good deed?

here is every possibility


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