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Envious Allies

People who envy you are your ticket to real freedom because they see your power before you do.

Follow their lead and put the clues together.

You are a threat because of your authenticity. The road to your success will be paved with backlash. That's nothing. You are not afraid of criticism.

When you can elevate yourself up and out of reaction to it, you become less interesting as a target. People will then mirror back to you your own indifference about these tired cycles of competition.

And then the way will be made clear before you. Your enemies will be converted into allies through your magnanimity.

It will feel, at times, like babysitting. Be patient.

The spoils of your conquest will be increased a thousand-fold, as you are inclusive of those who have contributed by illuminating your value with their helpful demonstration of shadow and contrast.

No one is meant to be left behind.



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