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Demonising the sun - and other nonsense!!

The fear-mongering continues apace!!

The latest efforts are to make people fear the sun, as highlighted in a BBC article entitled Melanoma skin cancer cases rising in UK, which starts with the ominous message that,

“A cancer charity is warning people to do more to protect themselves from the sun as the number of melanoma skin-cancer cases in the UK continues to rise.”

The article also reports that,

“Cancer Research UK predicts there will be a record 20,800 cases diagnosed this year – up from a yearly average of 19,300 between 2020 and 2022.”

In addition to the fact that the claim about a rise in cases is merely a prediction and therefore not actually proven, there are many facets to this story.

So let’s dive in!

According to the article,

“The rise in diagnoses is due partly to a growing ageing population and an increase in awareness of the signs of skin cancer.”

The first point to take issue with is the insinuation that a ‘growing ageing population’ is problematic. The reason behind this claim is the idea that as we age we inevitably become weaker and more susceptible to a whole range of diseases, one of the consequence of which is that old people therefore require more ‘healthcare’. This suggests that old people are therefore a drain on the health system as well as on society because old people no longer contribute to the economy.

This is probably more applicable to the UK where the ‘health service’, known as the NHS, is claimed to provide ‘free healthcare’, although this is not the case because we all contribute to it - or that’s what we think we’re contributing to through various taxes imposed on us!! Where the money is actually spent is a whole other topic that is not the focus of this article.

What is clear though, is that there is an effort to make our elders appear not to be useful members of society; a view that is supported by how poorly old people have been treated over the past few years under the guise of claims that they are the most ‘vulnerable’ to so-called ‘germs’. In addition, the treatments that were administered to them in the name of ‘healthcare’ have caused a great deal of harm.

This latter point has been the topic of a recent article.

This is yet another reason to expose the lack of evidence for the existence of ‘pathogenic germs’ and to refute the claims that they cause diseases that can be transmitted between people, especially to the elderly because they are ‘vulnerable’.

The second point in the BBC article to take issue with is the idea that an increased ‘awareness’ of the symptoms that are then diagnosed as ‘skin cancer’ is a good thing.

I’m sure a lot of people will respond with comments such as: “Surely it’s good that people know as early as possible that they have cancer.”

My reply to that would be: “not necessarily”.

The reason for my statement is because ‘cancer’ is not a disease we ‘get’. Instead, it is a condition, represented by a set of symptoms that occur within the body for various reasons. But these symptoms are not ‘bad’; instead they are a message from the body that something is out of harmony and more importantly, they are the body’s efforts to self-heal.

In other words, what is called ‘cancer’ is part of the body’s own self-healing mechanisms and not something to be dreaded and fought.

Furthermore, the idea that melanoma is caused by the sun is not entirely false, but it is grossly misleading.

As is often the case, the BBC article includes a story of someone affected by the problem they are reporting. In this instance, it is a woman called Caroline who had been diagnosed with melanoma, which is said to have been ‘caught early’ and surgically removed. She is reported to have stated that,

"I’ve never been a sun-bather but each of the times I’ve been abroad I have burnt quite badly.”

She continues with the comment that,

"That's probably five times of falling asleep in the sun for a few hours,”

The real problem, in my opinion, is that, as happened with Caroline, people sit out in the sun for long periods of time and their skin burns. It’s the burning of the skin that is the issue in conjunction with the body’s ability, or lack thereof, to repair the damage caused by the burn.

The medical system answer to this is to advise people to apply sunscreen; but this is NOT the appropriate response. Firstly, because most, if not all sunscreens contain toxic chemicals. Secondly, because people think that means it’s ok to sit in the sun for long periods of time if they have applied the sunscreen.

The BBC cites the advice from the NHS with respect to Sun Safety Tips.

This is not the only aspect of this ‘story’ that I think needs to be highlighted.

I would suggest that it demonstrates increased efforts to draw attention to the sun and its ‘heat’, with the view to making us increasingly afraid so that we will be even more concerned about ‘climate change’ and the notion that increasing temperatures pose a serious threat to human health!

This can be seen by a WHO fact sheet entitled Heat and health, which is dated 28 May 2024.

Here are the ‘key facts’.

Unsurprisingly, the increase in heatwaves is attributed to ‘climate change’, as the Overview states,

“Heatwaves and prolonged excess heat conditions are increasing in frequency, duration, intensity and magnitude due to climate change.”

Also unsurprisingly, the WHO has produced a fact sheet on Climate change, the latest version is dated October 2023 - below is an extract.

Apart from the ridiculous fear-mongering, this extract shows that the emphasis is being placed on so-called ‘developing’ countries, which are those countries claimed to have a ‘weak health infrastructure’, which, from my research, actually means those countries that have not yet fully implemented the WHO-led ‘healthcare system’, which has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control.

Another aspect can be seen by the following sentence in the fact sheet under the heading Overview,

“These weather and climate hazards affect health both directly and indirectly, increasing the risk of deaths, noncommunicable diseases, the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, and health emergencies.”

Here’s a recent article on the alleged association between climate change and ‘pathogenic diseases’.

The association of ‘climate change’ with diseases, especially so-called ‘infectious diseases’, is yet another reason - as if we needed any more - to expose the lack of evidence for the existence of ‘pathogenic germs’ that can cause infectious diseases.

It is essential to appreciate that this is all driven by the 2030 Agenda and the ‘Great Reset’ - the ‘plans’ to control all aspects of our lives.

I must emphasise that I am not spreading fear about these ‘plans’. My perspective is that the ‘would-be controllers’ may have plans, but that does not mean that their plans will actually be implemented, especially when a sufficient number of people are aware of what’s going on and decide not to be made fearful, which allows us all to think clearly and critically, and take appropriate action(s).

What I feel is important, and the reason for this article, is to show how all these aspects are interconnected; the sun, cancer, heat, climate change and infectious diseases are all part of the same game plan - to make us fearful and control us.

As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’, but knowledge is only powerful if we take action on what we know.

Thank you for your support. 🙏


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