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Daily Affirmations (June 5, 2024)

I love nature, nature loves me.

I love animals, animals love me.

I love people, people love me.

I love money, money loves me.

I love plants, plants love me.

I am an open channel for truth, love, and creation.

I take care of me. I befriend me. I treat myself with respect. I look out for me. I wish peace for me. I give me space. I let me be. I enjoy being me. I bring comfort to me. I ease me into change.

When I doubt, it is just me checking up on myself. I question myself to stay in tune with my intuition.

I am excited for versions of me to see themselves in the beauty that they are.

I humble my ego to make space for deeply rooted connection.

I make peace with all parts of me which struggle to change.

I let my emotions flow through my body like running water.

I multiply the feeling of acceptance, understanding, trust, and love across the universe, times infinity.


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