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Daily Affirmations (June 16, 2024)

Everything is here to help me!

I am aware of myself.

I know what I am doing.

I understand what I am saying.

I feel what I am thinking.

I know what I am feeling.

I believe in what I am hoping for.

I inspire what I am learning.

I am grateful for what I am teaching.

Instead of reacting on impulse, I use time to respond.

I practice healthy and self-serving discretion.

If I overthrow any government, it is the government I opted into which is not my own. I feel free to make my own choices, free of blame. I seek to understand my surroundings and environment so that I know what I decide to opt into.

I sit in comfort of knowing that I am misunderstood with the intention of better understanding myself.

I love to enjoy life. I am grateful for life. I am excited to build it.


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