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Cosmic Musings #1 - Welcome to the Vortex

As I ponder on the realizations of the great unification gradually becoming accessable to mankind, I realize that we are both massive and tiny at the same time. As an infinite "zero crossing", nozzled light blasted into a lower dimension. We're enormous giants plodding inadvertant mountainscapes in the jungles of bacteria - we're unfothomable universes from the perspective of an atom, and tiny ants when we peer up up at the Giant Sequoia which is itself dwarfed by sky scraping mountains... The movement of high pressure to low pressure, spinning in a vortex shaped by a geometric interplay of dialectric and magnetic forces, the cycle of breathing. Consume, transmute, excrete. The great cycles. Yin and Yang. The blueprints are there, all the way up and all the way down.

Are we "squeezed out" a flash of light coalesced into matter? What's the reason?

Has conscious self awareness evolved here to do something…?

The divine path is to protect innocence until the savagery of nature REQUIRES us to shed our own and/or shed that of others. Innocence is precious and can never be restored once removed, from oneself or others. Those that seek to remove innocence, and become the savagery, must only do so under the circumstance of grave threat. 

Even honorable combat will often scar those that partake, as the realization of the darkness within, the partial or total loss of innocence equates to a blood oath, a contract with the savage world and a forced subscription to a paradigm with terrible truths. Preparation for honourable combat is very much a practical skillset to have in todays so called modern cities!

Is it a mechanism of balance? 

Why do the evolutionary holdovers from our rise from savage nature, still dictate that malevolent maneuvers of a paranoid and predatory class amassing ungodly amounts of wealth and power with inter-generational strategies? They push too hard, the masses rebel, bloodshed, repeat… add nuance and complexity… repeat… It goes to show the cosmic sense of humor that so many of them got struck down to invilid status, mired in severe physical and mental disabilities from inbreeding too much. 

Must we maintain this dark, destructive force to hold together the chordal note of this dimension? The clumsy baby eagle, manages to gently push his two days younger and feeble nest mate over the edge of the nest… the tiny chick tumbles down a cliff to its doom in the valley below.… Is the fratricide necessary? Eagle mom and dad weren’t bringing home enough food?… A cold, and utilitarian behavioral adaptation for perseverance? Perhaps nature isn't aware when a feature becomes a defect, it gets coded in. The system works on the law of 2. Reproduce or do not. One Eaglet surviving is surely better than none…Cain kills Abel. Enter the savage world

We’re in it, but can we escape?

In a time of drought Cain must kill Abel but in a time of plenty, Cain still kills Abel.

Surely if our path is to ascend to the heights our imaginations take us, is there is a better way? How can humanities path forward come to a ubiquitous, joyous and abundant freedom? Is it even possible? What’s specifically is preventing this? The The Petro Dollar (bully) and it's Military Industrial Complex (with a stick?)

I propose the answer is a reverement and preservation of innocence. It might just be that simple. We’re here to laugh we’re here to love. It’s not that hard. Side effects may include: Creativity, Bold explorations and discovery.

New forces are appearing (or being rediscovered) in the world of energy physics and the very fabric of space time. Developments I anticipate will elevate us all to new levels of prosperity and exploration.  Can we please channel this force in a direction that doesn’t result in enslavements and the perpetual murderous consequences?

Maybe that's my own naivete and my intention for a brighter future filled with joy, buttressed with infinite free energy to use at will… It is at our literal fingertips now. 


Maybe we can use the darkness to cancel itself out in a simple spiritual equation. We can have it work for us instead of against us.  We can be freed of mental and physical imprisonment, and premature, accelerated loss of innocence...

And then the spirit gently whispered - JUST BREATHE... Then the coyote appeared and made me giggle with a card trick. 


Sean Allman is the creative director at iHeal Collective, and enjoys making music and breathing hydrogen in his free time. If you are a freedom enjoyer and iHeal Collective's shows and content inspire you...

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