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"Bring yourself back on your feet."

Rose-Colored Lenses (a Self-Reflection Series)

Day 2 of rucking. I woke up around 5:40am today from an intense dream and set off at about 6, ending about 9. 11:31am now. Tomorrow I'd like to wake up at 4am.

I consciously took each step with intention while holding a steady pace and light breathing pattern. I felt strains of my legs from over- and misuse in the military. A lot of us must have irregular walking habits which can lead to various leg disabilities and even immobility. Someone in the terrain model community mentioned in a podcast that our body's tissue can grow back naturally, but that we've been told differently by big pharma. My strides can feel imbalanced. Sometimes it's like two left feet.

It feels almost ancient to revisit memories of the army. The people whom I considered to be inspiring leaders were timely and conveniently around for some of my most pivotal moments of internal, expansive growth. I recall a senior leader asking me what I believe to be the most important value out of the six army values, and I chose character. It was also his. It seems obvious, doesn't it?

There is so much more to life than worrying about what anyone else is doing or thinking. How would we get anywhere ourselves by spending our time in their timeline? Having blind faith that others have our best interest at heart is setting us up to become disappointed with both them and ourselves. We rely on ourselves to have our own interest at heart. I have my own best intention. We are loyal to our self. We are legal to ourselves. We abide our own law.

If you can avoid surgery, search for natural ways. To search for, to research. Humans have been pilgrims and troubadours for thousands of years. Bring yourself back on your feet. It's time to start walking.

I've got an infinite range of possibilities for today. I'll do what calls to me, and what feels purposeful.


Behind rose-colored lenses are the secrets of our subconsciousness.

I have created this series of self-reflection writings, 'Rose-Colored Lenses', to show how challenging it can be to make inner peace a daily discipline. Our external reality can sometimes be overwhelmingly polarizing. Also, my middle name is Rose, and I wanted to make it punny.

I think that we do ourselves a disservice when we pretend that everything works out for us all the time. Why do we choose to hide our vulnerability, which is beautiful?

Vulnerability is one of my greatest weaknesses. Paradoxically, courage is one of my greatest strengths.

Personally, I am embarking on this series to test, and "check", myself - which I have a habit of doing anyway. I tend to dive head-first into uncomfortable situations, and quite often. But then I get to reap the reward of wisdom from a learned experience.

I hope that my vulnerability helps anyone who may benefit from it.

Authenticity is liberating!

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