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Am I?

Am I selfish?

Am I hellish?

Am I lazy?

Am I crazy?

Am I loving?

Am I bluffing?

Am I neutral?

Am I truthful?

Am I humble?

Am I troubled?

Am I conniving?

Am I dividing?

Am I surprising?

Am I inspiring?

Am I judgmental?

Am I resentful?

Am I audacious?

Am I flirtatious?

Am I innocent?

Am I ignorant?

Am I defensive?

Am I offensive?

Am I prideful?

Am I spiteful?

Am I logical?

Am I comical?

Am I misleading?

Am I deceiving?

Am I irresponsible?

Am I unremarkable?

Am I sentimental?

Am I influential?

I am all the things which you see in me.

You are all the things I want you to be.

Our contrast is our similarity.

All together we paint eternity.


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