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10 reasons why we might be wrong about ‘vitamin deficiencies’

1. There is no direct experimental evidence demonstrating a diet deficient in a single nutrient causes any disease.

2. Countless experiments have failed to induce vitamin deficiency diseases in people eating a deficient diet for 6+ months.

3. Vitamin deficiency diseases induced by eating a diet of one particular food disappear when another food that is also deficient in the same vitamin is substituted.

4. Deficiency diseases like pellagra and beriberi were so ‘explosive’ doctors believed they were contagious diseases. The rapid development of these diseases is impossible to explain from a ‘deficiency’ perspective.

5. Well nourished people put into households suffering beriberi and pellagra developed the diseases within a week, despite the fact they should take months to develop.

6. Animals fed different foods deficient in the same vitamin develop completely different diseases.

7. There are countless instances in the literature of people with a deficiency disease failing to respond to supplementation with the deficient vitamin.

8. Vitamin deficiency diseases have been reversed with substances other than the deficient vitamin.

9. People develop nutritional deficiency diseases despite eating a nutritionally replete diet, suggesting the disease might be toxic in nature.

10. People who fast for 100+ days do not develop vitamin deficiency diseases.

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