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Daniel Roytas

Daniel Roytas, a health expert and naturopath with ten-plus years of formal education at various universities and colleges, made a 180˚ in his life when he began to see the inadequacy and inaccuracy of mainstream science and allopathic education.

After coming across a multitude of insufficient and disproven studies, he accepted that he could not reasonably ignore and escape from this overwhelmingly unsubstantiated evidence. In researching over two hundred studies, he discovered that today’s science is backed by fundamentally flawed hypotheses, which are arguably responsible for a variety of worldwide, mass illnesses and preventable deaths due to the socially accepted mis- and disinformation of widely adopted health practices.

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Disease may not actually be contagious - but, the power of the mind very well may be.


Daniel has made it his mission to spread awareness on what optimal health may look like in the hope that people may understand how their body systemically, naturally, works.​ He is a powerful leading pioneer in the health freedom community and has recently published the book, Can You Catch a Cold?.

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