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True Self-Mastery

 connect inner power with purpose

personal sovereignty,

balance in oneness

Marble Surface

Life Coaching from a Conscious Awareness Perspective

I have dedicated my career to coaching others to develop their own strategies of coming into inner love, power, peace, and balance through the consistent practice of personal sovereignty. Working with the light and dark within us allows us to reap the benefits of finding solutions and strengthening one's sense of self while maneuvering through the wonders of life.




This is a service that is meant to be temporary. Once you feel that you no longer need external guidance, our work together is complete. My goal is to help you transform into your own, personally sovereign leader


My service is for people who seek personal freedom, which means that they consistently practice developing self-discipline in discovering and resolving their own problems. I am simply a guide for you. Relying on and resorting to external validation for confirmation traps us into the confining cell of victimhood. Many people prefer to stay in victim mentality to avoid taking responsibility for their own dissatisfaction in life. 


This is why my service is temporary - but, of course, on your time. I am here to show you how to develop and refine your own tools, teaching you how to fish, as you learn through practice to be self-reliant. 


If you wish to have counseling just for a listening ear, there are many mainstream psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors today who will provide you just that. As a guide, I don't prefer to have this dynamic with other people because I intend for my clients to personally grow.


My hope for you is that you transform into the great, super-being of which you prefer to be.

If you truly seek to grow and learn from yourself, I may be the right person for you.

Work with me only if you commit to working on yourself.


Establish a stable inner-knowing and rewarding sense of purpose. 


We have the power to change our lives through unconditional love, as shown both spiritually and scientifically. The commonality is conscious awareness. This means kindly leaving behind fear-based conditions and systemic belief patterns which may limit our conscious expansion.


Shifting from fear to love enhances our body's magnetism which welcomes more positive interactions within our own environment. Knowing our own value allows us to openly receive good things to come to us because we are consciously aware that we deserve these things. Working on ourselves then provides us the opportunities to help other people work on themselves. 

My personal background:


While completing a Bachelor's in Finance degree at the University of San Francisco, I began coaching and mentoring individuals beginning in 2015 and continuing for seven years while in military leadership positions, leaving active duty in 2022 as an army military police captain. During this experience, I was able to provide counseling and guidance to others in several aspects of life - to include career, family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and various forms of trauma, such as domestic violence.


I am multifaceted with what I can coach others on. A dark night of the soul awakening has opened my eyes to the purpose of coaching others due to what I personally have experienced in my own life.


The journey has been quite intense, but it reminds me of how rewarding it is to live in gratitude.

Get out of victim mentality. Embody your personal power.


Learn to generate your own abundance, inner peace, and stability in an otherwise polarizing world by honoring your intuition and empowering your sense of self.


We will unravel the truths of the subconscious mind to face and overcome any internal blockages preventing you from living freely, being your natural self, and enjoying life to your highest passion.


Follow your inspiration, and purpose becomes clear. Befriend yourself as life befriends you. 

- Victoria Quinn

Freedom from Fear | Safety in Love

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