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Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

Always Let Your Consciousness Be Your Guide

With these readings, I seek to help strengthen the connection between you and your higher self through the exercise of your intuition as well as

identifying and integrating signs and messages.

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Symbols are the storytellers of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot card deck, and play a key role in countless other oracle decks. Suits, animals, numbers, colors, artificial objects, and natural elements are some of the categories of symbols designed to bring focus to an area of your life and self. During a reading, I convey the messages to you through the use of symbols.



Reading a card spread is to tell a story according to the alignment of the cards. A single card has the power to influence any cards that are placed next to it (and vice versa), which connects the themes presented to build the story. A reading can cover any of the following (but not limited to) areas of life: spirituality, purpose, family, health, career, relationships, friendships, and abundance.


Applying it to Life

My tarot card and oracle readings are not to be considered as "fortune-telling", but rather as spiritual guidance, advice, and direction in your path. I am here, as the messenger, to relay the spiritual messages of your higher self by interpreting the overall themes of the card spread.

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