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"This is the real secret of life - to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now.

And instead of calling it work, realize it is play."

Alan Watts


Hello! I am Victoria, the administrator of DivInspiration.



Isn't it a wonder that we can alter our emotional and mental state just by a frequency solfeggio?


The (super)natural wonders of this world show us that nature holds the secret to optimal health. Nature invites us into a journey of self-discovery for this optimal health. In our journey of life, nature seeks to be our foundation. 


Today, many authoritarian societies and systems treat nature as a resource rather than our core source. However, nature is much more intelligent than a resource. When we look into nature, we discover that nature provides mathematical equations and scientific resolutions for optimal health, which have been hidden from our mainstream knowledge for seemingly unknown reasons. Time and time again, nature gets exploited, raped, and destroyed.


I believe that, as part of the law of nature, we are here to hold nature in reverence, in protecting and nurturing all that is good.​

Many of us have bought toxic and underperforming products from name-brand corporations. Many of these same products end up getting lawsuits which prove signs of cancer or other chronic illnesses. Some of us carry decades of usage history with these products. Maybe ages ago, but history stores ill memories in our bodies. Furthermore, illnesses can carry an emotional attachment to a physiological deficiency, causing unnecessary pain and suffering in our everyday life.


bee restored to health.jpg

Balance duality to find the joy in peace and comfort in health.


My goal is to help inspire you to experience what is possible for you when you live with hope for a great future. By trusting in yourself, you learn to lead by your own intuition. Making decisions based on your own, natural instincts allows you freedom to feel gratitude for the present moment as well as the past which helped you grow.

The sport of life can feel like spiritual trapezing.​

Scare yourself out of a fear of death - and inspire yourself into a love for life!




Learn to be surprised by the (super)natural powers of science.

In learning through integration, I have enacted upon inspiration from many natural health professionals by sharing their information, such as guest interviews, writer reposts, article references, and referrals from podcasts.


Their insightful research and advice has helped me understand the purpose of long-term, self-investment through lifestyle improvement and soulful wealth.



Browse articles, reflect through connection, empower yourself with affirmations, and leave feeling inspired.

​But, most importantly, take what resonates with you for your own, divine path, and leave what doesn't. You have your own, uniquely individualistic journey to experience.​ As Daniel Quinn would say, "There is no one right way to live." 


Become an expert of what you want to know about yourself.


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