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For me, the study of astrology has been

one of the most obvious indicators of spirituality connected to reality.


Astrology has shown me countless times to be a source of evidence which holds the truth about ourselves.


Studying astrology started out as merely an interest in psychoanalysis

to better know, understand, heal, and guide myself, family members, and friends.

The more I studied, however, the more I quickly discovered that my own spiritual experiences and major life events

were aligning accurately with the astrological transits taking place at the moment.

Eventually I could only acknowledge that celestial bodies hold energies which affect the daily lives of people on earth.

Due to popularized misinformation surrounding the calculation of horoscopes within the last couple hundred years,

a great number of people now dismiss astrology as "inaccurate" or "inapplicable",

questioning and dismissing its validity in modern day culture.

Interestingly enough, people have collectively researched and tracked astrological transits

for thousands of years - from ancient Mesopotamia (3rd millennium B.C.), to Galileo, to now. 

I apply astrology into your daily life by providing insight and guidance on an area of your life of your choice,

to include the following: personality, childhood, family, past life, career, health,

relationships and spiritual connections, wealth, life purpose and lessons, etc.

In the end, every person has, and will always have,

the ability to make one's own choices.

Acknowledging this, astrology allows us to 

forecast celestial movement to tap into

its present energies for our own growth

as well as the collective expression

of universal oneness.

Marble Surface

This science is a great tool to look within yourself, be a part of the collective, celestial energies, and face upcoming challenges with an eagerness to learn.


Spirituality is reality

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